Can Goats Drink Cow Milk? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Goats can drink Cow milk, but the condition is that it should be homogenized, whole milk. Milk replacer or any formulated milk will be disastrous for your goats. Avoid them at any cost.

The only milk that we deem safe for goats is whole cow milk. You can get it either from a store or your farm. If you have baby goats, raw cow milk will prove to be very beneficial for them.

Is Cow Milk Good for Goats?

Only whole cow milk that has been homogenized is good for goats. Young goat babies can easily adapt to cow milk, and their growth rate doesn’t get affected. 

If a baby goat cannot have access to the mother’s milk, it can be raised on cow’s milk. Cow’sCow’s milk has got almost all the essential nutrients, and many goat keepers around the world feed their babies cow’s milk.

Is Cow Milk Bad for Goats in Any Way?

Homogenized cow milk, straight out of the farm, is not bad for goats in any way. In fact, it can be fed to young goats who do not have a mother’s milk to feed on.

Besides that, any cow milk replacers or such things are too harmful to goats. Even if not replacers, cow milk that is not 100% whole is also detrimental to goats and shouldn’t be fed to them.

Moreover, you also can’t feed your baby cow’s milk straight out of the cow. Its fat globules are not digestible for baby goats. Skim milk is also not good for them. 

Cow vs. Goat’s Milk for Goats – Which is more beneficial?

Of course, and always goat’s milk. When born, baby goats immediately need to feed on their mother’s milk that contains essential nutrients such as colostrum that are crucial for goats’ health.

If a goat couldn’t get colostrum within 12 hours of birth, it would die. So, only goat’s milk is the one that can fulfill all these requirements properly.

However, if due to some reason, goat milk is not available, cow’s milk can do just fine too. It is an option but must not be the priority.

Apart from that, if we are not talking about newborn babies, then cow milk is sufficient. It has enough nutrients that can tend to all the nutritional needs of a young goat.


Goats can definitely drink cow’s milk on the condition that it must be whole and homogenized. 

Any other kind of milk, whether partially cow milk or replacers that you can get from supermarkets, is so not suitable for goat’s health. Better to avoid them.

Overall, prefer goat’s milk. If it is not available, then you can move to cow’s milk. It will also do just fine.