Can Goats Eat Elderberry? (The Risks!)

Yes, goats can eat elderberry.

However, elderberry may cause an upset stomach if you feed your goats too much of it. Otherwise, feeding your goats elderberry in moderation is safe and fine.

elderberry contains calcium, iron, potassium, niacin, beta-carotene, and Vitamin E.

Goats cannot eat elderberry without the risk of becoming sick because they are unable to digest certain types of plants that are necessary to break down their nutrients. However, goats do enjoy elderberry when mixed with other feed.

Elderberry is not necessary to a goat’s diet, but it can be beneficial when given in moderation.

Elderberry leaves are poisonous to goats, so if the plant is eaten in large amounts or over long periods of time, it can cause harm. It’s best that you only rarely feed elderberry to your goats.

Can elderberry kill goats?

No, elderberry won’t kill goats unless they eat it in high amounts or over long periods of time.

What to do if my goat ate elderberry and is now sick?

If your goat ate too much elderberry or has eaten it for a long time and is now sick, you should take the goat to a veterinarian.

Can goats eat ripe elderberries?

Yes, goats can eat ripe elderberries because there’s no toxic component in them (there is when they’re unripe). Goats find ripe elderberries to be sweet, so the fruit makes excellent treats for your goat.