Can Goats Eat Figs? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Goats can eat figs. They are harmless for goats and bear no health risks against them. Those large green leaves are loved by almost all livestock.

However, feeding figs to your goats extensively can result in scour as suggested by several goat keepers. So moderation is key here. Goats are notorious eaters, so it may be a good idea to watch out for their diet.

Even though they love something to eat, still you should try to keep a balanced diet and don’t feed anything in excess to your goats. 

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Are Figs Good for Goats?

Research has shown that goats that feed on fig tree’s leaves provide better quality meat than the goats which are customarily fed commercial fodder. 

Moreover, another study seems to show that fig tree’s leaves are extensively used as fodder for livestock in farming systems.

In the areas where fodder is scarce, indigenous plants such as figs, the scientific name of which is ficus natalensis, are encouraged to be used as pasture for livestock. Its leaves are cut and fed to goats and other livestock in those areas.

So, if you have fig trees on your farm and are wondering whether you should let your goats feed on them or not, you have nothing to worry about. As stated earlier, figs have many health benefits for goats and possess no danger against them.

Are Figs Bad for Goats in Any Way?

If fed in a balanced quantity, figs are definitely not bad for goats in any way. On the contrary, indigenous plants such as figs are encouraged to be fed to goats and other livestock.

However, in the opinion of some goat keepers, if figs are fed to goats in excess, it may lead to scouring. Better to avoid that!

What Fruits Can Goats Eat?

Fruits Basket Image

Goats enjoy munching on healthy fruits such as strawberries now and then. It is a good practice to feed your goats fruits as they have a lot of health benefits.

Here is a list of fruits goats can eat without any harmful consequence.

What Do Goats Hate?

Goats have a reputation as notorious eaters which is valid to some extent. But do you know that they are very picky eaters?

Yes, it is true. Goats have susceptible lips. They won’t eat the hay upon which someone has walked. You may have seen them putting rubber or such things in their mouth, but that doesn’t mean they are hungry and will eat them. Goats like to investigate things due to their inquisitive nature.

Moreover, goats hate rain. Basically, they hate water. They would instead jump up the stream or find some other way round than to put a step in that stream.


Figs can be great fodder for your goats. Even some studies and researches have encouraged goat keepers to feed fig tree’s leaves to their goats.

Thus, if your goats have fed on fig tree leaves or you want to feed your goats with fig leaves, go ahead and do it. 

There will be no harmful repercussions. Just remember to feed them in balanced quantities.

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