Can Goats Eat Kale? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Though frequently fed to goats, Kale in excess quantity, if consumed by goats, can be lethal for them. However, if fed sparingly, Kale can be a good treat for goats every now and then. 

Excess of anything is wrong, and as we know that goats are notorious eaters, it is vital that you watch out for their diet and also avoid feeding Kale too often.

Is Kale Good for Goats?

Many goat keepers use Kale as a diet for their goats, but little do they know that this same practice can have grave consequences in the long run.

Hey, I am not saying that Kale is utterly dangerous for goats and shouldn’t be fed to them! I am merely trying to say that any plant rich in oxalates can cause serious health problems for goats. The best practice would be to avoid feeding Kale to your goats.

So, NO! Kale is not really good for goats. WHY? Do you ask? Well, keep reading to find the answer.

Why Can’t Goats Eat Kale?

So, let us see now why you shouldn’t let your goats feed on Kale.

According to a study, if consumed in excessive quantities by goats, Kale can have the following consequences.

  • Damage the red blood cells that eventually rupture. As a consequence of this, you will notice redness in your goat’s urine and a significant health decline.
  • Your goats will be at a greater risk of suffering from Anemia.

If you find any such symptoms in your goats, it would be best to review your goats’ diet and see if you have been feeding them Kale or any other oxalate-rich plant.

The best course of action would be altering the diet plan for your goats and slowly eradicating Kale from their diet against such symptoms.

Can Goats Eat Spinach and Kale?

Spinach Close Up Image

Spinach is also oxalate-rich like Kale. However, unlike Kale, spinach is not that harmful to goats. 

Oxalate in spinach is tolerable for ruminants like goats as rumen bacteria break down oxalate into harmless formic acid. However, if fed regularly, spinach can cause calcium deficiency in goats.

Thus, it is not so bad to feed your goats spinach or even Kale… sometimes. The only thing you should keep in mind is not to provide those in excessive quantities. Only then spinach and Kale can pose a threat to the health of goats.

What Should You Not Feed Goats?

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It is a well-known fact that goats can eat almost everything. But, this doesn’t mean to let them freely graze on anything they find. 

Some plants and vegetables, such as those belonging to the Nightshade Family, are deadly for goats and pose a severe threat against them.

Thus, you must keep track of your goats’ diet and avoid anything that can be harmful to them. Here is a list of some plants and vegetables you should watch out for while feeding your goats.


Yes, feeding kale to goats possesses some health risks, and it is better to avoid feeding it to goats. However, if fed sparingly, threats become considerably less.

Sometimes, goat keepers, due to the lack of awareness, feed excessive quantities of Kale or spinach to their goats. Such practice can result in even death of goats by anemia. So, as it turns out, avoiding Kale is the best of the options for you.

Try feeding your goats other garden greens such as cucumbers or melons. Even banana peels can be an excellent option.