Can Goats Eat Mulberry Leaves? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, goats can eat mulberry leaves.

Mulberry leaves are full of crude protein which is essential for a goat’s health. They’re also full of calcium and iron.

These leaves can be fed to goats at any time during their life, as a treat or supplemental food source.

Mulberry leaves are fragile so they should be dried before feeding them to your animals.

Are mulberry leaves poisonous to goats?

No, mulberry leaves are not poisonous to goats. In fact, they’re full of nutrients that a goat can use for dietary health and should be fed on a regular basis.

Mulberry leaves have been known to cause stomach problems in some goats. If this happens, stop feeding your goats mulberry leaves immediately.

Can goat kids eat mulberry leaves?

Yes, goat kids can eat mulberry leaves. Not only can they eat them but it is recommended to feed them to the doe and kids before kidding and weaning for added nutrients.

Do goats eat mulberry leaves from trees?

Yes, goats will commonly break branches from mulberry trees so that they can reach up and get a mouth full of leaves. They’ll strip the branch bare in minutes!

Goats love eating mulberry leaves and a few branches of a mulberry tree every day will only add vitamins to their diet.