Can Goats Eat Nuts? (The Risks!)

Yes, goats can eat nuts.

However, some nuts aren’t good for goats such as walnuts as they’re considered to be toxic for them.

But others like peanuts are completely safe for your goats to eat, so make sure that you’re not mixing a bunch of nuts together and feeding that mixture to your goats.

Only mix up nuts that goats can actually eat and then feed them the mixture if you wanna mix them up for your goats.

Otherwise, it’s best to feed your goats a few nuts only, such as peanuts as a treat, and only let them eat grass and hay as their main food.

Why can’t goats eat walnuts?

The reason why walnuts aren’t good for goats to eat is that they’re toxic.

Walnuts contain this toxin known as ‘juglone’. This means that it’s poisonous when ingested, and when eaten in large enough quantities, it can even cause death.

Can goats eat almonds?

Almonds aren’t toxic to goats.

You can give your goats almonds as a treat and they’ll be just fine.

Not only that, but almonds are actually pretty good for them because it contains calcium and protein, so you should definitely include some in your goat’s food.

Are cashews toxic to goats?

Cashews aren’t toxic for goats, and they’re actually healthy as well (just like almonds).

You can give your goats cashews as a treat every now and then to keep them happy, however, you should also make sure that they’ve got plenty of other food too.

Can goats eat pecans?

Pecans are safe for goats to eat, but again, you shouldn’t feed them too many in one sitting.

Pecans are high in fat and calorific value just like almonds are, so there’s no need to overfeed them with pecans when they’re already getting plenty of other food.

Can goats eat pistachios?

Yes, goats can eat pistachios. They aren’t toxic for goats.

You can feed your goats pistachios as a treat every now and then just to give them something different from their usual food.

Is Hazelnut toxic to goats?

Yes, goats can eat them. Hazelnuts aren’t poisonous to goats.

You can feed your goats hazelnuts as a treat every now and then just like you would with other kinds of nuts.


So in short, goats can eat nuts. However, do not feed them walnuts, because they’re one of the popular nuts around, so we’re only mentioning walnuts as the nut you should avoid. There may also be others, but we haven’t done enough research to list down all those other nuts.

Only feed your goats nuts that are listed here that goats can eat, while as said before, avoiding walnuts.