Can Goats Eat Peaches? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Yes, Goats can eat peaches. There is no harm to goats in eating mature peach fruit. In fact, they can be a powerhouse of energy for your goats.

Seeds can be a little problematic though, as they can result in choking. So, It would be best to remove them before you feed peaches to your goats.

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Are Peaches Good for Goats?

Goats relish peaches and love to eat them. Peaches are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Carbohydrates, and dietary fibers. Thus, they can be an excellent addition to your goats’ diet, but it would be best to make sure that you don’t overdose on them.

A Goat’s diet must be healthy and balanced.

Are Peaches Bad for Goats in Any Way?

No, if fed in the form of mature fruits, Peaches are not bad for goats in any way. They are full of vitamins and carbohydrates, and goats also love munching on them, so there is really nothing to worry about.

As much as Peaches are beneficial for goats, their leaves are just as deadly for them. We will discuss this fact next.

Can Goats Eat Peach Trees?

No, goats can not eat Peach trees, and you must never ever feed peach trees to them. 

Peaches belong to a family named stone fruits, which belong to the Prunus genus. All plants belonging to the Prunus species are toxic to goats and other livestock

Every part of a plant belonging to the Prunus species is toxic to livestock. The only exception is the mature fruits that are not toxic and perfectly edible. 

Reason of Toxicity

The plants belonging to the Prunus species contain an acid known as prussic acid, also known as hydrocyanic acid. This acid is a deadly poison that mitigates the oxygen-releasing capacity of the red blood cells.

Consequently, the poisoned subject suffers a sudden death as a result of extreme suffocation. Animals die within a minute after consuming excessive prussic acid, giving almost no time to start medication.

If by luck, in any case, the animal is not yet dead, signs of it being poisoned can include higher pulse rate, excitement, and runny eyes.

There is no specific treatment as affected animals don’t give much time. However, if signs are detected earlier, immediate veterinary intervention might save the animal from death, but there is very little chance.

Can Goats Eat Peach Peelings?

Yes, there is no harm in feeding your goats peach peelings.

In fact, they are nutritious, and according to research, any citrus fruit’s peels, including peach peels, can completely replace maize as the diet of goats without affecting their health and growth.

Apart from that, many goat keepers have also reported that their goats love to munch on peach peels. Thus, as long as you feed peach peelings to your goats in a balanced quantity, you have nothing to worry about.

What Should You Not Feed Goats?

No doubt, goats love browsing and pasture around. That is also the reason for them being famous for their notorious eating habits. 

But, not everything is edible for goats, and as a goat keeper, you must keep a proper check and balance on your goats’ diet. There are many things you can not feed your goats.

So, you should not feed your goats:


Peach fruits are not harmful to goats. It is common to observe that goats also love to eat peach fruits, so you don’t have to be reluctant. Feel free to add them to your goats’ diet now and then. They are healthy and energetic for goats.

Peach peelings are also not toxic. You can feed them to your goats. Not only peach peels, if you want to provide any citrus fruits’ peels to your goats, go ahead and feed them.

Peach trees, on the other hand, are very toxic for goats. Make sure you never ever let your goats feed on peach trees. It will result in immediate death! Best to avoid that.