Can Goats Eat Plums? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Of Course, goats can eat plums! Plums are healthy and nutritious, very beneficial for your goats’ health. As a matter of fact, goats adore this fruit and love to eat it.

However, there is a problem. Not just a problem; a huge problem. We will discuss it soon! 

Are Plums Good for Goats?

As a treat, plums are great for your goats. Just as any other ripe fruit, your goats would love to munch on them occasionally. However, it is important that you watch out for the quantities in which your goats are consuming those fruits.

Plums are rich in nutrients. For goats, it can constitute a very nutritious diet because they contain high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A. In addition to that, plums also contain plenty of dietary fibers and many healthy minerals.

So, plums are good for goats and one of the safe fruits that can be fed to goats. However, there is still a problem! Keep reading, we are going to discuss that soon.

Are They Bad for Goats in Any Way?

Plums, precisely plum’s fruit part, is not bad for goats in any way. They are healthy, high in nutrients and a very beneficial diet for your goats. But, of course, as a treat only.

There, the words “precisely plum’s fruit part” were used. The reason is that plum trees and plum fruit seeds are very toxic and deadly for goats. You can never feed them to your goats. Avoid both at any cost!

Why is that? Let’s see in the next headings!

Can Goats Eat Plum Trees?

Plum trees! Now, that’s the problem. Goats can not, not in any circumstances, eat plum trees. Any cyanide-producing tree including plums is deadly for not only goats but for almost all livestock.

Cyanogenic plants contain prussic acid (hydrocyanic acid) under specific conditions. Prussic acid, if consumed by any livestock animal including goats, interferes with the oxygen-carrying ability of blood.

Death is certain in these cases. It is a deadly poison you must be aware of as a goat keeper. 

So, goats can not eat plum trees in any case. Period!

Can Goats Eat Plum Seeds?

Plums belong to the Prunus species of fruits. Every part of the plum except the fruit part contains hydrocyanic acid which is a deadly poison. It renders oxygen present in the bloodstream useless.

This results in suffocation and eventually, it leads to death! So, keep your goats away from plum seeds too.


Goats can eat only the fruit part of the plum. Anything except that is poisonous and can be deadly for goats.

Hydrocyanic acid or prussic acid is a deadly poison that is present in almost all stone fruits including Plums. Not exactly the fruit, but the seeds and branches.

Only a small quantity of this poison can kill your goats in a very short time frame. And to add insult to injury, there are little to no outward symptoms of poisoning.

So, if you have plum trees in your garden or the place where you keep your goats, you will have to get rid of one of both. Otherwise, there can be grave consequences you surely would not want to face!