Can Goats Eat Popcorn? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Yes, popcorn is safe for goats to eat. In fact, some goat keepers, while sharing their experience of goats’ reaction to popcorn feeding, said that their goats went nuts for popcorn. Means they loved to eat it.

Is Popcorn Good for Goats?

Popcorn is a very good diet for goats. A study was conducted that emphasized whether popcorn waste is capable of replacing maize grain diet in supporting lamb growth rate?

Results showed that low-cost popcorn waste was found to be perfectly capable of replacing almost half the percentage of maize-grain diet necessary to support a lamb’s growth.

Moreover, corn itself is very beneficial for goats but obviously in small amounts. The reason behind the small amount is that corn is rich in calcium. Thus, a high amount of calcium, if consumed, can result in urinary calculi.

Besides that, corn can be a very suitable diet for goats in winters to maintain body temperature. It also contains a balanced nutritional amount.

Is Popcorn Bad for Goats in Any Way?

If popcorns are consumed in moderate amounts by goats, they cannot affect goats in any harmful way. Goats love to eat popcorn, and it should be fed to them as a treat now and then.

Corn is high in calcium, and it also releases heat when consumed. That’s why it can be a little problematic sometimes if consumed in high ratios. Better to avoid that.

What is a Good Snack for Goats?

Apart from the regular feed goats enjoy, such as hay or alfalfa hay or whole grains, goats also enjoy munching on some healthy treats and snacks now and then.

These healthy treats and snacks can include ripe fruits or nutritious vegetables such as watermelon and spinach etc.

Moreover, goats also enjoy eating sweet potatoes, peanut butter, oats, squash, and acorns. But, all these treats must be fed to them in a very balanced amount. Excessive feeding can result in various adverse health consequences.


Goats enjoy feeding on popcorn and go nuts while eating it. Thus, it is safe to say that you can provide popcorn to your goats as a treat occasionally.

However, excessive feeding of popcorn can affect your goats’ health in bad manners, as we discussed in this article. Try your best to avoid that.

Lastly, it is advisable to let your goats feed on healthy treats and snacks every once in a while to boost their energy. Simple hay feeding will not be enough sometimes for the good health of your goats.

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