Can Goats Eat Potato Skins? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, goats can eat potato skins.

However, do make sure that the potatoes themselves and the potato skins you’re planning to feed to your goats are not green and are fully ripe.

Green potatoes are toxic to goats and so are their skins, so do not feed your goats green potato skins.

Why green potatoes and their skins are toxic to goats?

Green potatoes are not ripe yet, they contain a bitter poison called solanine that is harmful to your goats.

Solanine poisoning symptoms in goats are diarrhea, paralysis, weight loss, and stunted growth.

Making sure the potato skin is fully ripe makes it safe for your goat to eat because the green part of the potato has turned brown when it is ripe.

What else to feed goats with when it comes to potato skins?

Other things that are safe for your goats to eat when it comes to their potatoes skins are the flesh of the potatoes themselves, and boiled potato peels, which you can also feed to them raw.

Can green potato skins kill goats?

Yes, green potato skins can kill your goats if they are not fully ripe when given to them.

You do not want to take any chances with this because it is very dangerous for your goat’s health, so just stick to fully ripe potatoes.

Goats are herbivores, which means that in order for their bodies to function healthily, they need to eat vegetation.

Many vegetables are great for them to consume, including their potato skins.