Can Goats Eat Pumpkin? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, goats can eat pumpkins.

Pumpkins are rich in fiber, beta-carotene, potassium, and vitamin A.

It is good, especially for lactating goats.

Give them cooked or fresh pumpkin only. Never feed them with raw ones.

What should be considered while giving pumpkin to goats?

1) If you are feeding your goat pumpkin on daily basis, add a little bit of salt to prevent bloat.

2) Always feed the pumpkin with some alfalfa or clover for better fiber nutrition. It will help in keeping their digestive system healthy and avoiding constipation.

3) Don’t overdo with pumpkin as it contains lots of sugar too. So if you are giving it to them regularly, you may have to add some sweet feed also.

How much pumpkin can be fed per day?

a) As a treat or occasional meal: 4 heaping tablespoons of cooked pumpkin for every 100 pounds of body weight (roughly 3/4 lb daily for every 100 lbs body weight).

b) For a daily meal (all year), depends on the weather. If it is hot, then you may feed 1/2 to 3/4 of the above amounts (a or b). In winter, you may give a little more pumpkin as it’s good for them.

How to prepare pumpkin for goats?

If you are feeding twice a day, cook enough amount of pumpkin in the evening. Let it cool down.

The next day morning, feed the pumpkin to them dry or slightly wet from goats’ saliva (moisten with warm water first).

If you are using canned pumpkins, open a can in the evening. Do not use its juice. Feed it the next morning.

Can goats eat pumpkin flesh?

Some goats don’t like eating pumpkin flesh.

If you have to feed them with it, try soaking the freshly cooked flesh in warm water for a few hours or overnight before feeding. Return the soaked juice that runs out as well as the excess water back to the pumpkin and cook again for at least 10 minutes more till all the water is almost gone.

Can goats eat pumpkin seeds?

Yes, goats can eat pumpkin seeds safely. But only a few of them will like eating it.

Spread some shelled pumpkin seeds on the floor or in the bottom of their food pans. And let your goats discover them at their own terms and leisure. Then you may have to move them around often for your goats to keep eating.

Can goats eat pumpkin vine?

Pumpkin vines are also rich in fiber, beta-carotene, and potassium. Can it be given to the goat? Yes, but if you feed your goat with these, make sure they have other greens as well.

Can goats eat pumpkin leaves?

Yes, but pumpkin leaves are not good for your goats in winter as they contain calcium oxalate crystals which makes their kidneys disorder.

Do not give them any pumpkin leaves within three months of autumn. Avoid feeding pumpkin pasture or hay to them throughout winter as they contain lots of this crystal which is bad for their kidneys.

Can goats eat pumpkin skin?

Yes, goats can eat pumpkin skin. Just clean and keep the skin with seeds.

Can goats eat pumpkin flowers?

Yes, it’s a healthy treat for them. Make sure that you have not used any pesticide on the flower as they are also very harmful to the health of your goats.

Can baby goats eat pumpkin?

Yes, baby goats can eat pumpkin with their mother’s milk.  But do not feed them any kind of cooked pumpkin without any other greens.

Can pregnant goats eat pumpkin? 

No, pregnant goats should not be given any pumpkin for the first 60 days of pregnancy.

1) It is a source of water, so if she eats too much it will give rise to other problems like bloating, diarrhea and constipation, etc.

2) If she eats too much pumpkin, its sugar will make her body store for milk production and that may cause insulin problems when she is about to give birth.

3) Pumpkin, along with other greens contain calcium oxalate crystals which are not good for pregnant goats. So avoid feeding her any kind of cooked pumpkin without another green within three months of autumn.