Can Goats Eat Rabbit Food? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Yes, goats can eat Rabbit food. It mostly consists of alfalfa or alfalfa pellets, which are perfectly fine for goats. Some Rabbit feed may have a ruminant product as an ingredient, but that is an exception.

Hence general Rabbit feed that is mostly hay or alfalfa is fine for goats. They can feed on it. 

Is Rabbit Food OK for Goats?

A good Rabbit food must be consist of good quality hay, pellets, and water. So in that scenario, Rabbit food is not harmful to goats in any way!

Rabbits also eat vegetables like carrots, and they are also OK with goats.

However, this was the case with a general diet of Rabbits. Now, let us look at other Rabbit feeds, such as Rabbit pellets. Are they suitable for goats? Let’s see.

Rabbit pellets generally contain green feeds such as grasses, cereal grains such as oats and corn, hays such as alfalfa, and finally, a lot of salt.

Some ingredients in Rabbit feed can be perfectly fine for goats, and some may be just fine as a treat. Overall, Rabbit feed will not be able to cover all the nutritional needs of goats.

As definitely, both are designed for different animals with different nutritional requirements. So, as long as Rabbit food doesn’t contain animal by-products, it is OK for goats.

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Will Rabbit Feed Hurt Goats?

No, there will definitely be no immediate harm to goats if they feed on Rabbit food. However, if you are planning to feed it to your goats, try to keep the quantity in moderation.

As Rabbit food is designed for Rabbits and contains a ratio of ingredients different from a goat feed, higher quantities may result in some unfavorable outcomes such as copper poisoning.

Better to avoid that!

Can Baby Goats Eat Rabbit Pellets?

Rabbit pellets mainly consist of alfalfa hay. And the problem with alfalfa hay is that it has very high nutritional value. It is only advisable to feed goats along with hay or some other fodder.

Only alfalfa feeding can be harmful to goats’ health. Baby goats are sensitive and don’t require higher nutritional diets in general. So, if Rabbit feed has a higher ratio of alfalfa hay, it might not be suitable for baby goats.


Goats can eat Rabbit feed as long as it does not contain animal by-products. Goats being ruminants can’t handle ingredient that has been sourced from another animal.

So, if Rabbit feed doesn’t contain that which many Rabbit feeds don’t in general, you can feed it to your goats.

However, moderation is always encouraged. The primary source of nutrition for goats will always remain hay. Yes, you can occasionally feed such things to goats, of course!

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