Can Goats Eat Timothy Hay

Can Goats Eat Timothy Hay? (Health Benefits/Risks)

Yes, goats can eat timothy hay. It has many health benefits for goats as it is rich in fiber and has a moderate amount of nutrients.

However, it is not enough to tend to all the nutritional needs of goats, so you will have to add more nutritious food to your goats’ diet to balance the dietary requirements.

Timothy hay is also an excellent source of fodder in a time when pasture is scarce. You can say in colder areas. It will be enough for your goats for some time until you acquire more nutritive pasture.

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Is Timothy Hay Good for Goats?

Timothy hay is a good option for goats when fodder is scarce, as we discussed earlier. It is useful from a health perspective too. In fact, timothy hay is perfectly eligible as a regular diet for your goats.

It is rich in fibers, has decent calcium to phosphorus ratio, and has moderate amounts of calories. It can tend to your goats’ nutritional needs very well. It can also consist of 90 % of your goats’ total diet.

Moreover, if you want to obtain the best nutritive diet for your goats, mix timothy hay with some alfalfa hay. It will considerably boost up your goats’ energy.

Is it Bad for Goats in Any Way?

Timothy hay is not really bad for goats in any way. It has no high ratios of minerals such as calcium that would harm your goats’ health.

On the contrary, it has a balanced ratio of every ingredient and is a very beneficial diet for goats. Don’t feel reluctant while feeding it to your goats. They are going to love it.

What is the Best Type of Hay for Goats?

Grass hay is the best type of hay for goats. It includes timothy hay, canary grass, fescue, orchard grass, etc. A blend of all these hays will prove to be the best nutritive source of feed for your goats.

What Hay is Bad for Goats?

Almost all types of hays are edible for goats. However, each differs in its mineral content. For example, timothy hay is rich in fibers, while alfalfa hay is rich in calcium.

Where timothy hay can be fed to goats regularly, it is the exact opposite in the case of alfalfa hay. Alfalfa hay is rich in calcium and is only suitable for lactating and pregnant does.

If you overfeed alfalfa hay to an adult goat, it can result in severe health problems such as bloating and zinc deficiency in male goats.

Can Goats Eat Too Much Hay?

Of course not. Don’t ever let this happen. Otherwise, be prepared for severe health consequences you don’t want to face.

For instance, you must have heard of bloating in goats. The main reason behind the bloating of goats is the overfeeding of hay, especially, alfalfa hay. Another health risk can be diarrhea. 

To sum up, if you overfeed hay to your goats, it will result in such health consequences that will lead to the death of the goat within 24 hours.

How Do You Treat Hay Belly in Goats?

Hay belly in goats is caused by parasites that harmfully affect the digestive system of goats that causes them to eat continuously. Consequently, you will notice your goats’ belly to be unusually large.

Now the question is: “how do you treat hay belly if your goat has got one?” Well, first of all, don’t worry as it’s not a biggie. Second of all, take your goat on a hiking trip and cut its ration to half. Within a few days, your goat will get normal.

Can Goats Live on Hay Alone?

Goats cannot live on hay alone. Yes, hay constitutes most of the goats’ diet, but that doesn’t mean it is enough to cater to all the nutritional needs of your goats.

You will have to add some extra nutritious items to your goats’ diet such as fruits and vegetables that are not harmful to their health. Goats also love occasional treats such as popcorns.

So overall, mix things up a bit. A balanced diet is a key to a healthy life in the case of goats too.

How Do I Stop My Goats from Wasting Hay?

That’s not a problem. If you want to stop your goats from wasting hay, there are proven methods for that. Let’s see what they are:

  • Feed only required quantities of hay.
  • Try to place hay in the goats’ feeder to prevent wastage.
  • Prefer hay pellets or cubes.
  • You can use hay nets too.
  • Avoid putting hay on the ground.

If you make sure to follow the above-stated methods, you will not have to deal with such problems.


Your goats can eat timothy hay without any bad health consequences. Don’t worry about that. Timothy hay contains just the right amount of nutrients your goat will need.

Also, it is preferable to feed your goats hays such as timothy as it can save them from many health problems such as bloating. However, remember to mix things up a bit. That’s the best way to go.

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