Can Goats Eat Walnuts? (Health Benefits/Risks)

No, goats can not eat walnuts. There are several reasons due to which walnuts are considered toxic for goats. So, it would be best to avoid feeding it to them.

And it’s not even that goats love to eat walnuts! The case is the opposite. Most goats refrain from eating this dry fruit. 

If you have a herd of goats, you can test this fact. However, make sure they don’t end up eating it as it will not be good for their health. 

Are Walnuts Good for Goats?

Walnuts will do more bad to your goats than good. Some goat keepers are of opinion that walnuts will turn out to be safe for goats and some have the opinion that walnuts are deadly and shouldn’t be fed to goats.

According to research carried out by the University of Maryland, black walnuts are safe for almost all animals except horses. A small amount of black walnut will kill a horse.

On the premises of the above-stated fact, most goat keepers think that walnuts will be toxic for goats too and shouldn’t be fed to them.

So, no! Walnuts may or may not be good for goats. However, based on the research done for this article, it is not advisable to let your goats feed on walnuts.

Are they Bad for Goats?

Walnuts are not considered good for goats. Yes, some goat keepers have encountered such circumstances in which their goats fed on walnuts and didn’t get any health problems.

However, things might not turn out to be the same for you. Walnuts can turn out too bad for your goats due to their toxic behavior in several circumstances

Moreover, walnuts belong to the Juglandaceae family. The members belonging to this family are known to have a substance known as juglone (5-hydroxy-1,4-naphthalenedione).

Juglone is a toxic substance. For horses, it is deadly. But for other livestock, it may be less deadly but it can still kill them if consumed in higher ratios.

So, all in all, walnuts have toxic tendencies and it would be best to keep your goats away from them as much as possible.

Can Goats Eat Shelled Walnuts?

Shelled walnuts are just walnuts without their hard outer shell. The same idea discussed above will apply to them too.

It is not too safe to feed your goats walnuts. They have toxic tendencies and might not be suitable for your goats’ health.

Can Goats Eat English Walnuts?

The scientific name for English Walnuts is Juglans Nigra. They also belong to the Juglandaceae family. And just like discussed above, they are not good for your goats.

You will find them to be toxic for not only goats but also for other livestock too. So, better to avoid them!


Walnuts, whether Black or English, can not be eaten by goats. They have the ability to poison your goat or may end up killing it.

Walnuts are not safe for any livestock animal. To remain on the safe side, it would also be a great idea to not keep your goats anywhere near a walnut tree.

As a goat keeper, it is your duty to watch out for the diet of your goats. Keep it nutritious and healthy and always avoid anything that might affect your goats’ health in a bad manner!