5 Ways to STOP your Goats from Eating your Plants

Goats are browsing animals. They eat almost anything that comes their way. Shrubs, fruit vines, and landscape plants are their primary target. 

If you have those in your garden, and you also have goats, then you will have to get rid of one of them; your goats or garden!

Ok! You don’t have to do that. There are some ways around too that will prove to be utmost effective in this regard.

The thing is, goats can escape almost any fence you will put up to save your plants from their wrath. So, that’s a legit question: how can you contain them in a single place?

Well, there are some methods you can apply to contain your goats and keep them from mutilating your garden.

Let’s discuss some methods in detail.

Keep both separate

This point is a no-brainer. There is no point in keeping your goats within your garden! Right? It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

If you have a garden in front, try to keep goats in the back! If your goats are at one end, set your garden at the other end! And even after that, build a good high fence that goats can never climb or escape.

So, as long as both are separated, you will have nothing to worry about. But the moment one goat escapes out of the fence and enters the garden, be prepared to have your garden ruined.

Feed enough fodder

If you are feeding enough fodder to your goats, there is very little chance they will turn their attention to anything else around them. 

Feed enough food to your goats in their enclosure. Introduce new food sources from time to time in their feed. Don’t let them wander around much in the search of pasture.

If you do all the above-stated things, you will not have to deal with your goats wrecking your plants and shrubs. They will only turn towards these things if they are not getting enough fodder in their enclosure.

Fence off your goats

Fencing off is the most effective way of keeping your goats from eating your plants. If you become successful in containing your goats in one place, it will be a big achievement for sure!

However, if you think you will be able to contain your goats by just a wooden fence with a door or a simple woven-wire fence, YOU ARE WRONG!

Goats are intelligent enough to climb over or climb under fences and even open the door to escape out of their enclosure. These techniques will not work on them!

The most effective method is electric fencing. You can use a woven wire 4 ft tall in dimensions for this purpose. Couple that woven wire with a strong solar fencer for electrifying it.

Another way you can fence your goats off is by using a 7 ft high chain-link pen. This type of fence is very effective in containing your goats within their enclosure.

Wrap up or fence-off your trees and plants

This method is the opposite of what we did in the last method. Previously, we fenced off the goats and now, we will be fencing off our plants and trees to keep them away from the approach of goats.

For this purpose, you can use hard plastic tree guards. Hard plastic tree-guards will be wrapped up around your trees and it will become impossible for goats to access or eat tree’s barks.

However, tree wraps are not useful when it comes to protecting your landscape plants and shrubs. To protect them from goat damage, you will need to fence them off.

For this purpose, you can utilize welded fence or hardware cloth that should be tall enough to hold out against goats. 

You can also enclose your plants entirely with the help of a gated fence. It will do just fine too!

Animal manure is also an option!

This method is not encouraged however it can prove effective sometimes. 

If you want to utilize this method, you will need cow dung in abundance. After acquiring the cow dung, you will add water to it. After adding water, you will stir it, mix it thoroughly until a paste is obtained.

That paste is then painted on trees. Goats are repelled due to their smell and consequently, your trees become safe.

However, again it will not work with landscape plants and shrubs. To save them from goat damage, you can put a bag of dog poop around them. This way again, goats will be repelled and won’t damage plants.

Here, one thing should be understood that this method will not work every time. It might work but not sufficiently. And it’s a little nasty too. So, you will have to deal with it!


Keeping your goats away from your trees and garden plants is one hell of a job. No matter how good your fencing is, any of your goats will find a way to beat your protecting system.

So, it would be better to put all your efforts in if you want to save your garden from goat damage. You may utilize all of the methods stated above if you have to! Just, mind your goats. 😉