Can Hamsters Eat Almond Butter? (The Risks!)

No, hamsters shouldn’t eat almond butter.

It’s not good for your pet hamster because almonds are rich in fat and phytochemicals (which can cause potential problems).

Almonds also contain relatively high amounts of oxalic acid.

Phytochemicals – Phytochemicals are plant chemicals that have protective effects against disease.

They may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Oxalic acid – a naturally occurring organic compound, one of a family of diprotic carboxylic acids, that is found in many plants.

What happens if a hamster eats almond butter?

Hamsters that eat almond butter can end up with serious health problems like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

This is the case for any type of nut, seed, or dried fruit.

Nuts are high in fat and too many will cause a hamster to become obese and suffer from malnutrition.

Hamsters that eat almond butter might experience hyperlipidemia (high levels of fat in the blood) which could lead to pancreatitis.

Almonds are also high in phytochemicals and oxalic acid, both of which can cause potential problems.

Can I feed my pet hamster almond butter in small amounts?

It’s best not to feed your hamster almond butter at all.

However, if you do choose to feed them small amounts of almond butter, it should be in limited quantities which helps reduce the risk of problems.

If your hamster is overweight or has diabetes, do not give it any similar products.