Can Hamsters Eat Almonds? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, hamsters can eat almonds.

Almonds are highly nutritious and healthy; however, they have a high-fat content. All almonds are mildly poisonous due to the presence of cyanide in unroasted bitter almonds.

An almond sliver once in a while is OK as a treat, but don’t eat more than one almond each week.

At a heavy level, almonds are not necessarily toxic to hamsters but can be harmful. A small amount of almonds as a treat is fine for your pet hamster.

Are almonds good for hamsters to eat?

Almonds are full of healthy things to eat for your hamster. These include fiber for digestive health, protein, fat, and other nutrients essential for life.

Can my hamster eat the almond skin?

Yes, you can give your hamster the almond skin.

However, there is a chance of choking if the skin gets caught in the throat or digestive system. So make sure to feed your hamster almonds in a safe way.

Are almonds bad for hamsters to eat?

Almonds are not bad for hamsters.

However, almonds do have a high-fat content and this can make your pet obese if you feed it with too many almonds.

Hamsters can develop obesity as a result which increases the risk of some diseases such as diabetes. Hamsters that are obese cannot move around easily or play as they are used to.

It is always better to control the amount of almonds you feed your hamster.