Can Hamsters Eat Boiled Eggs? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, hamsters can eat hard-boiled eggs.

Boiled eggs contain a fair share of protein and vitamins, which can be a substantial part of a hamster’s natural diet.  

Eggs are also particularly loved by Syrian hamsters when they are available to them.  Hamsters will enjoy eating hard-boiled eggs if it is offered to them.

In fact, one common problem hamster owners face with their pets is that hamsters are tempted to eat eggs even if they are hard-boiled, as the smell of one might attract them.  

Hamsters’ strong desire to eat boiled eggs will cause them to attempt to chew through the shell or try to find a way inside the egg by nibbling on it.

Are boiled eggs good for hamsters to eat?

Boiled eggs are a good food option for hamsters as unlike raw eggs, they won’t be contaminated with salmonella and other harmful bacteria that might cause food poisoning.  

Eggs also help hamsters get their daily dose of minerals and vitamins, such as calcium and phosphorus which is beneficial in strengthening bones and teeth.

How do you prepare boiled eggs for a hamster?

The most basic preparation method for boiled eggs is to place them in boiling water.  One needs to remove the shells before giving them to a hamster.  

Some hamsters might not like eating boiled eggs if there are pieces of shell left over after getting rid of the entire shell.

After one boils the eggs, let them cool down before serving them to a hamster.  

Hamsters can eat boiled eggs at room temperature without any problem, but giving it to the hamster immediately after boiling is not advisable as this might cause diarrhea or stomach upsets.

Hamsters also enjoy eating eggs with their yolks intact, so particular care needs to be taken when heating boiled eggs to ensure that the yolks remain intact.  

Boiled egg whites without the yolk are not considered tasty for hamsters, and eating them can cause stomach upsets.