Can Hamsters Eat Dried Mealworms? (The Risks!)

Yes, hamsters can eat dried mealworms.

Mealworms contain high amounts of protein and calcium, which makes them an attractive snack for small pets.

However, dried mealworms contain a lot less water than living mealworms do, so it is likely that the hamster will eat more to compensate for this lack. This raises the risk of obesity or malnutrition.

Therefore, dried mealworms should probably only be fed to the hamster as an occasional treat.

A safer option is to feed your hamster living mealworms instead of dried ones, but only if you are willing to provide a constant supply.

If you do not mind buying them fresh every few days, this can be done by putting live mealworms in a jar with holes in the lid and placing the jar in the fridge.

The cold temperature slows down their metabolism and they will stay alive for a few days without food or water, so you can keep them with you until it is feeding time.

Are dried mealworms bad for hamsters to eat?

Dried mealworms are not bad for hamsters, but fresh ones are better and safer.

If you want to feed your hamster dried mealworms, you should probably only give them as an occasional treat.

This is because they contain less water than living mealworms do. Dried mealworms may therefore cause the hamster to eat more than it needs as a result.

Dried mealworms may also raise the risk of obesity or malnutrition, especially if you feed your hamster large amounts of them on a regular basis.