Can Hamsters Eat Fries? (The Risks!)

No, hamsters shouldn’t eat fries as they’re highly oily and may lead to digestive issues, weight gains, and even diabetes.

Potato chips are bad for any species of animal as they’re high in fat and salt with little to no nutritional value.

The oils used to fry the potato slices are often unhealthy by-products of processed foods or are hydrogenated fats.

How are fries bad for hamsters to eat?

Greasy food like fried potatoes can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms of digestive problems.

Hamsters are small animals with sensitive stomachs so they should not eat foods that are high in fat.

Eating these kinds of foods on a regular basis can lead to obesity which will interfere with your hamster’s normal sleep patterns.

If your hamster is overweight, they will probably not live as long because they will be more susceptible to heart disease and other health problems.

Additionally, if your hamster has diabetes it can make the disorder harder to treat by interfering with insulin resistance.

What happens if hamsters eat french fries?

You may start to notice your hamster having digestive issues like diarrhea and vomiting.

If you continue to feed your hamster these kinds of foods, there’s a greater chance that they will become obese which can cause the health problems discussed above.

French fries contain very few vitamins and minerals so there is little nutritional value in them.

The oils used to fry the potatoes can cause a hamster to have diarrhea and other digestive problems.

Since french fries are human food, they may not be a good choice for your hamster as a regular part of their diet.

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