Can Hamsters Eat Grass? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, hamsters can eat grass in moderation.

Hamsters enjoy chewing grass and will nibble on it like a salad.

However, certain types of grass may be dangerous to your hamster and should be avoided at all costs.

Grass should be free of pesticides and other chemical contaminants whenever possible.

Never feed your hamster grass from areas near busy roads or chemical companies, as these types of grass are laden with chemicals that could potentially poison the hamster.

Most hamster owners feed their hamsters grass that is safe for human consumption, which includes lettuce and certain types of collard greens.

How is grass good for hamsters?

Grass is low in nutritional value, but it can be a safe way to supplement your hamster’s diet with fresh greens.

When fed in moderation, these types of grass are not harmful.

Hamsters will often use their front paws to stuff grass into their mouths. Be sure to monitor how much grass your hamster is eating so that you do not feed them more than they can eat.

Can grass be bad for hamsters?

Yes, certain types of grass are dangerous to your hamster.

If you choose not to feed your hamster human-grade grass and opt for a wild variety instead, make sure it is not poisonous to hamsters.

Make sure you research the type of grass you are feeding your hamster before offering it as a snack – otherwise, you could end up poisoning them.

Also, avoid giving your hamster any types of ornamental wild grasses which contain seed heads. Ornamental grasses can be harmful and many types of ornamental grasses are actually poisonous to hamsters.