Can Hamsters Eat Guinea Pig Food? (The Risks!)

Yes, hamsters can eat guinea pig food rarely if there’s nothing to feed to your pet hamster and you just want to feed him guinea pig food you have at the moment.

But do not feed guinea pig food to your pet hamster regularly.

Because the vitamins and nutrients the two types of animals require are missing in each other’s foods.

Can a hamster die from regularly eating guinea pig food?

No, it’s not so easy to poison your hamster by giving him guinea pig food.

But you can seriously damage his health if you feed him too much of the wrong type of pellet.

You should always have a good look at the product label whether or not it is suitable for your pet animal.

What can I feed my pet hamster when I’m out of hamster food?

You most certainly will have some bread around, which you can feed to your pet hamster when there’s nothing else to feed him.

Otherwise, do you have apples in your fridge?

Because your hamster can eat those as well, just give him a nibble so he can wait until you bring him his food.