Can Hamsters Eat Vanilla Yogurt? (The Risks!)

No, hamsters can’t eat vanilla yogurt as it’s too sugary for them.

Vanilla yogurt is loaded with sugar. It’s almost pure carbohydrates, which isn’t good for hairballs in the least.

On top of that, it contains sodium benzoate to keep bacteria at bay – this is very bad for hamsters’ kidneys.

The milk used to make yogurt is also loaded with growth hormones for cows which causes hormone imbalance in hamsters.

Lastly, the sweeteners may contain aspartame and other chemicals that can be deadly for a hamster.

Vanilla yogurt is definitely not healthy for hamsters.

Same with the sugar in vanilla yogurt – it’s unhealthy for any animal, but especially pet ones due to their small size and lack of a developed digestive system like ours (which can process sugar).

The milk used to make regular yogurt is loaded with growth hormones and the chemicals we discussed above.

As for sweeteners, aspartame can cause neurological damage in young animals or pets – it’s rather unsafe at any age.