Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt Drops? (The Risks!)

No, hamsters shouldn’t eat yogurt drops, because they’re too sugary and may make your pet hamster diabetic or obese.

Are yogurt drops a type of candy?

Yogurt drops are a type of candy, specifically “jelly beans” or “gumdrops”.

How are yogurt drops bad for hamsters?

Yogurt drops are bad for hamsters because they’re high in sugar, which is bad for your pet’s teeth.

Additionally, yogurt drops have no nutritional value and may make your hamster obese or diabetic.

Also, feeding foods that are too sweet can cause a hamster to come down with an illness known as “sugar shock”.

Can a hamster die from eating yogurt drops?

Yes, a hamster can die from eating too many yogurt drops. In addition to causing obesity, yogurt drops are high in sugar and may make your pet diabetic.

Diabetic hamsters have trouble balancing their blood sugar levels or don’t produce insulin on their own.

In rare cases, a diabetic hamster may suffer from a coma or die from getting too high of a blood sugar level.

What is the recommended safe amount of yogurt drops for a hamster?

There isn’t a recommended safe amount of yogurt drops for a hamster, because it’s too sugary and unhealthy for them to eat any at all.

So it’s best that you avoid feeding it to your pet hamster.