Can Hamsters Eat Yogurt? (Benefits/Risks)

Yes, hamsters can eat yogurt.

Hamsters should only be fed natural yogurt without fruits or other additives added to it, according to studies.

While the yogurt may not be harmful to your hamster, the fruit and additional sugar might do more harm than good to him.

Is yogurt good for hamsters to eat?

Yogurt can be beneficial for hamsters in the same way milk is. Milk has long been considered to be good for people due to its calcium content, and yogurt is similar enough that it can also provide your pet with this benefit.

However, there are other health benefits at play when it comes to yogurt in general. For example, yogurt is a probiotic, which means that it contains live bacteria cultures.

This is incredibly good for your hamster’s stomach and digestive system.

In addition to this benefit, yogurt also helps the body absorb calcium better, which will help your hamster maintain healthy bones.

The beauty of these benefits is that you don’t need to make any special changes to your hamster’s diet.

If you’re already feeding him yogurt occasionally, then he’ll be getting these benefits without any extra food or effort on your part.

Can yogurt be bad for hamsters to eat?

There are only a few things in the yogurt that could be considered harmful to your hamster.

The sugar, fruit, and added ingredients are all okay in moderation but should not dominate the yogurt’s profile.

However, there’s no need to actively seek out low-sugar or sugar-free yogurt.